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Why Invest In An Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity due to health benefits, customizable grilling/cooking options and expanding your outdoor living space. The kitchen is traditionally the central gathering space of the home. Customize your outdoor kitchen to have the look, feel and functionality you desire while increasing the value of your home.

Why work with Ozadi Stonecraft?

- functional outdoor kitchens built to last

- custom approach for every project

- high attention to detail

- workmanship guaranteed for 2 years

Create a Healthier Lifestyle

Time outside is proven to improve wellness by reducing stress and boosting your immune system. Experience the health benefits of socializing in the outdoors (and keep your house free of lingering aromas like fish)! 

Boost the Value of Your Home

Outdoor kitchens are a desirable item for home buyers and have an ROI between 100%-200%. According to a study 2016 NAR Report, outdoor remodeling projects add value to a home on resale while also making home owners who plan to stay in their homes happier.

Gain Extra Space to Entertain

Take pride in having an outdoor space that's an extension of your creative self-expression. Put the cooking equipment you always wanted in your backyard. Hosting guests at your home can be more appealing than dining out and adds the relaxed and open feel of the outdoors.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Cooking indoors during warmer month heats up your home which causes your AC to work more to keep the house cool. Using propane, natural gas, wood, charcoal, etc. give you plenty of options to save on energy bills while providing variety of grilling flavors.

why work with us?

We guarantee our workmanship for 2 years

Quality • Durability • Reliability

Client Feedback

Ozadi Stonecraft
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David JacobsonDavid Jacobson
18:34 12 May 22
Rolando Bali and his Ozadi Stonecraft crew of Heido and Eli constructed our dream deck, made mostly of indestructible steel. Even when our original wood structure proved too aged to save, and the project expanded some, it is amazing how smoothly it went and how reasonable Ozadi’s estimates turned out. We could not be happier.
Kelly JuddKelly Judd
16:55 30 Jan 22
Ozadi Stonecraft is an amazing company that fulfilled my outdoor living needs. The whole team made my outdoor living space come to life. They took care of our drainage issues, built in a custom paver patio, artificial grass, and stone accents to create a modern backyard feel.

Rolando earned my business with his hard work and dedication to my project. I will be using his company for years to come.

I highly recommend!
Vladimir BaibusVladimir Baibus
19:19 13 Jan 22
Wanted to say Big Thank you to Ozadi team for helping us with complete backyard remodel.
Rolando was great to work with and results speak for themselves!
If you need your outdoor living ideas come to live - I can’t recommend them enough.
Debbie Fey FollienDebbie Fey Follien
15:08 11 Jul 20
Love our outdoor space. 10 years after installation, and it’s still beautiful.

Rolando and his team at Ozadi Stonecraft makes it a pleasure to have work done at your home. They "stonescaped" an indoor planter area for us and we are so pleased. 

They are a very creative team and strive to do everything just the way you want it done. Very respectful, friendly people. 

I would highly recommend them for inside or outside work.

Ruth B.

Austin, TX

Rolando totally understood what I wanted. I drew the design. Ozadi Stonecraft laid it out. We made minor adjustments to the layout, and then they built it.

They were excellent workers. Excellent job! Beautiful. Can't say enough good about the provider.

Hardscaping Client

Austin, TX

When I contacted Ozadi Stonecraft I was informed that they had about a 6 week backlog of work under contract but would be happy to have Rolando Balli come out and work up an estimate.

The stone was delivered on schedule and Rolando and his stonemasons arrived to begin the project exactly 6 weeks after I first contacted them. AMAZING! 

Masonry Client


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